What is Operating System Introduction of Operating System

Operating System
Operating System

An operating system so the operating system is very important as far as computer science is concerned.

An introduction to the operating system and we will see what this operating system actually means and what are the functions of this operating system.

What are the types of Operating System

That we have and we will just try to get a brief idea of this subject all right.

So here it says that an operating system also abbreviated as OS is a program that manages the computer hardware.

And it also says it also provides a basis for application programs and acts as an intermediary between a computer user and computer hardware.

Some examples of some operating systems that we widely use these days first are your windows.

So you may be using Windows on your desktop or your laptops so it is one of the famous operating systems used by many people.

And also we have Linux and Ubuntu which are also two open-source operating systems.

That is widely used in your desktops laptops and other devices and then we have the Mac OS which is the operating system from Apple.

So on their laptops in their mac books they used Mac OS X and then in iPhones, we find iOS operating systems.

And then we have a very famous Android which you must be having in your phones.

Android is one of the famous operating systems that is used for your mobile devices.

A computer system so first of all at the lowermost level the computer hardware.

It consists of resources like CPU which is a central processing unit and then memory.

And then the i/o devices which means input/output devices. resources like the processing units CPU and also memory consist of primary memory like RAM and your secondary memory like your ROM.

Memory as well as the i/o devices IO devices means the input/output devices.

These are the devices that use for either giving input to the system for getting output out of your system.

Examples of input devices:
  • Keyboards
  • Mouse 
  • Microphones 
These are devices used for giving input into the system and then output devices would be those devices use for getting output out of systems.

Example of Output devices
  • Monitors
  • Speakers 
Which shows makes you hear the output of those output devices.

So all these things under computer hardware generally refer them to as resources.

The operating system we have the application programs.

 There are two kinds of software

  1. Software 
  2. Application software 
  3. System software 
Software: The software that is used to directly modify gives some command to that computer hardware and the operating system is also a kind of system software.

Application software: Application software is the software that are used to perform a specific task and that can be directly used by the user.

Examples of Application software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word
System software: The software used for making document files. 

Microsoft Word and then we have spreadsheets.

Like Microsoft Excel that is used for making tabular data for making some calculations in the table.


A computer science student you maybe knowing what compilers are so compilers is the software for writing computer code like C++ C or Java.

C++ C or Java is written in compilers and the text editors are editors useful modifying.
  • Notepad 
  • WordPad etc
Web browsers are the software's that enable to browse some web browser to view.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 

So this is not the only application program that many application programs and these are just a few examples.

The software for performing specific tasks. 


The word for typing some documents and wants to save the system.

So let's see how does it we imagine that there is no operating system over here just have user and the application programs.

The computer hardware to write a document want to type something into Microsoft Word.

To tell the computer how where that wants to do it. now, how can we do it since there is no operating system user has to explicitly tell the computer hardware.

The Microsoft Word and has to tell the computer hardware that wants to load Microsoft Word.

So please load it into the main memory and then after it is loaded we have to type something and when we typed something.

Whatever the types it has to be displayed on the monitor.

After doing all that to save it and even saving it has to tell the computer hardware.

This file with a particular file name to hard disk so for each and every small on the new task has to perform.

The computer hardware what to do and how do you communicate to it in the form of codes.

Have to write source code for each and everything that performs.

That it is a very difficult task to do this if there is no operating system you have to manually tell the computer hardware each and everything.

The operating system resides between the computer hardware and the users so it is an intermediary that acts between the computer hardware.


Suppose the user wants to type something and save it into his Microsoft Word.

So what user does just double click on the Microsoft Word and then the rest of the things.

The 'operating system' takes care of it it just opens it for the user and then it makes the screen ready for user typing and whatever user types it the operating system.

The hardware that it will be typed and displayed on the screen and everything that otherwise would have to be done manually by the user.

The operating system and after typing it the user has to save it when the user saves it the operating system tells the computer Hardware.

Where to save it and how to save it and how much memory to allocate or saving it.

Everything is done by the operating system so all those things which we otherwise had to do in the absence of an operating system.

The operating system and it becomes very easy for the user to use the computer system.

The user just opens the computer opens what wants to use it and just uses it and all the underlying things.

That has to happen all the communication that has to happen between the computer hardware.

And the user is taken care of by the operating system. it does all for the user and does the computing or the usage of the computer becomes very easy for the users.

Because of the presence of the operating system so that is the main task of an operating system.

An operating system is a program that manages the computer hardware.

How with resources like CPU memory i/o devices everything is managed by the operating system.

A basis for application programs and acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the computer hardware.

It provides a basis for the application programs of our application programs and it is installed on the operating system.

A base for the application programs and also acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the computer hardware.

Computers are seamless and very easy for the users that are the main fun of an operating system.

I hope that made you understand what an operating system.

Types of operating systems

There are some types of operating system personas badge operating system.
  • Distributed operating system
  • Network operating system 
  • A real-time operating system
  • Multiprogramming multiprocessing
  • Multitasking operating systems
These are some main types of operating systems that we have.

Operating system they perform in a different way based on the need that we have so just remembered that much and you can keep these few points in mind.

The functions of OS the main functions of OS are number one is it is an interface between the user and the hardware.

The hardware here and it acts as an interface between the user.

And hardware and then the second point is the allocation of resources.

The hardware that we have like the central processing unit. the memory and the input/output devices.

Different users want to use the different resources so they have to be allocated our resources are not unlimited.

We have limited resources that means we have limited hardware.

So how these resources should be allocated to users in such a way that everybody gets their share.

And it performs in an efficient manner all this is done by the operating system.

It allocates resources to different users in a good manner that is the function of the operating system and then it does the management of memory secure etc.

Even when we were typing this word processor we have to first load it into the main memory.

After typing it has to be saved into the secondary memory the hard disk.

These are some of the main functions of the operating system.

Goals of an operating system

Goals will be number one is convenience was not having an operating system how tough it would be to execute even the smallest of tasks by the user.

But having an operating system of our computer hardware makes it very easy for the user to communicate to the computer hardware.

So it becomes a very convenient thing for the user to have this operating system.
  1. Convenience 
  2. Efficiency
Efficiency: If you were not having the operating system and let's say we have different users.

Trying to access the resources and how would you efficiently manage the resources that you should get this much resources.

The other users should get this many resources so if you do it manually.

It is going to be very tough and that is very less chance that you can efficiently manage.

So operating system by taking care of all these allocations of resources and management of memory and everything it provides you an efficient usage of your system.

Convenience: and then the second point is efficiency so many operating systems are designed mainly for convenience some are designed for efficiency.

But mostly most or we can say many of the operating systems are designed for both convenience as well as efficiency.

So these are the goals of the operating system which we achieve by the functions of this operating system.

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Conclusion: I hope this Operating System introduction was clear to you and Comment below your reviews about os share this article to your friends thank you for visiting us. 
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