What is Cloud Computing History of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing History of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Hello, friends welcome today we are going to see what is cloud computing in the first slide we are going to see what is cloud everyone is talking about the cloud.

But what does it mean nowadays business applications are moving to the cloud looking ahead the next thickets of cloud computing promises are a new way to collaborate everywhere using mobile devices as we know traditional business applications are always been very complicated and expensive.

The variety and amount of hardware and software required to run them are difficult you need a world team of experts to run it configure it taste it and update them regularly and also security is a main concern for the cloud app.

You just need to open a browser login customizer and start using it cloud applications can be up in a day's and configure in a week's businesses are running all kinds of applications on the cloud-like customer relationship management human resource management accounting and merge of some of one largest company.

Are simply rebranding their product with a cloud with a salesforce.com as cloud computing grows in popularity thousands of companies are simply rebranding their noncloud product and services to the cloud computing.

If you are unsure about what is cloud computing is you are probably 95% of people who are already using cloud services like online banking social networks but never realize it cloud computing is a set of different types of hardware and software.

That works collectively to give any aspect of computing to the end-user as an online service cloud computing is not an affair.

There are currently 2 point
  • 1 billion people are using Facebook online cloud computing offers a platform in dependency for that you no need to install your software locally on the PC.
You just need a mobile tablet and internet connectivity to check your software or install your software directly from the cloud.

History of Cloud Computing

Official idea Productions presents the story of the utterly amazing cloud computing brought to you by the color green since its inception in the early-mid-90s cloud computing has become a mainstay of modern work life and leisure the origin of the term cloud computing can be traced back to early networks schematics.

Where the appearance of overlapping server icons resembled the billows of clouds soon a cloud-like shape came to be synonymous with areas on a network that required little explanation in order to understand the diagram as a whole and by 1996 companies such as Compaq computers had begun to develop internal-use marketing strategies around these so-called cloud services.

Software as a service platform as a service and infrastructure as a service outside of the drawing-room the cloud is a metaphor for segments of a network that can be accessed from any number of devices through the internet each segment utilizes the concept of virtualization where one or more physical servers can be configured individually.

But appearing to the user as a single physical device much like a traditional utility such as electricity cloud services are set up on a pay per use basis monitored across the grid where services can be scaled or diverted to meet changing consumer needs while continuing to utilize the same basic resources.

The history of the Internet itself goes back as far as the early 1960s with research into packet switching online transaction processing and the development of ARPANET by 1986 interconnected Internet's were popping up in research and education institutions.

All across the United States and we're gaining a foothold in Europe as well by the mid-1990s.

Time magazine was calling it the strange new world of the Internet the period was marked by the founding of a number of internet-based companies known as coms that led to a time of unprecedented economic growth but by the start of the new millennium.

The dot-com bubble had burst and many companies were scrambling to create efficiencies in their data centers that could rein in the huge expense that the internet had become then in late 2003 a small amazon.com development team in a satellite.

Office in South Africa presented a paper to chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos that took a more innovative approach what if the group envisioned they could build a system that was made up of largely web-based services.

And that was fully automated requiring fewer systems maintenance and that could be used by developers as a resource in their more complex applications.

The idea was a hit Amazon Web Services launched as a full-blown service in 2006 with a number of companies adopting the platform as a low-cost flexible alternative to internal IT initiatives soon any number of competing devices and services would pop up to meet growing consumer demand for what was now being called the cloud demand for services quickly growing by 2008.

And with capital investments by wireless and cable companies leading to increases in speed and reliability of networks what once seemed like science fiction was now a feasible reality a fast and inexpensive internet that could be used by anyone practically anywhere and the rest, as they say, is in the clouds you.

Conclusion: I hope you understand about cloud computing more information will available in articles
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