What is Big Data and How does it Work

What is Big Data
Big data

Big data basically refers to the huge volume of data that cannot be stored and processed using the traditional approach within the given time frame.

The next big question that comes to our mind is how huge this data needs to be in order to be classified as big data.

There is a lot of misconception while referring to the term Big Data.

We usually use the term Big Data to refer to the data that is either in Gigabytes or Terabytes of Petabytes or Exabytes or anything that is larger than.

This in size this does not define the term Big Data completely even a small amount of data can be referred to as big data depending on the context.

Examples of Big Data

1. Example:

It to you for instance if we try to attach a document that is of 100 MB in size to an email.

We would not be able to do so as the email system would not support an attachment of this size.

Therefore this 100 MB of attachment with respect to email can be referred to as Big Data.

2. Example:

We have around 10 TB of image files upon which certain processing needs to be done for instance.

We want to resize and enhance these images within a given time frame.

Suppose if we make use of the traditional system to perform this task.

We would not be able to accomplish this task within the given time frame as the computing resources of the traditional system would not be efficient to accomplish this task on time.

Therefore this 10 TB of image files can be referred to as big data.

Now let us try to understand big data using some real-world.


I believe you all might be aware of some of the popular social networking sites such as:

Each of these sites receives a huge volume of data on a daily basis.

It has been reported on some of the popular websites.

  • Facebook alone receives around 100 TB of data each day.
  • Twitter processes around 400 million tweets each day.
  • LinkedIn and are concerned each of their sites receive tens of terabytes of data on a daily basis.
  • YouTube has been reported that each minute around 48 hours of flash videos are uploaded on YouTube.

You can just imagine how much volume of data is being stored and processed on these sites.

But as the number of users keeps growing on these sites storing and processing data becomes a challenging task.

Since this data holds a lot of valuable information.

This data needs to be processed in a short span of time by using this valuable information company can boost their sales and generate more revenue.

By making use of the traditional computing system we would not be able to accomplish.

This task within the given time frame as the computing resources of the traditional computing system would not be sufficient for processing and storing such a huge volume of data.

One more Example:

The airline industry and try to explain the term big data, for instance, the aircraft's while they're flying they keep transmitting data to the air traffic control located at the airports.

The air traffic control uses this data to track and monitor the status and progress of the flight on a real-time basis.

Since multiple aircraft would be transmitting this data simultaneously a huge volume of data gets accumulated at the air traffic control within a short span of time.

Therefore it becomes a challenging task to manage and process this huge volume of data using the traditional approach.

Hence we can turn this huge volume of data into big data.

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Conclusion: I hope you all might have understood what is big data, comment below your reviews about Big data and share this article with your friends. keep smile be happy.
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