How Artificial intelligence helps farmers monitor their greenhouses

How Artificial intelligence helps farmers monitor their greenhouses and prevent diseases
AI Helps farmers

Internet of Things (IoT) absolution code plant Act especially focusing on AG AI things so let me go first so what is our focus market is first our focus market is about greenhouse cultivation and where you could have is, you know that major crop of the greenhouses.

Artificial intelligence helps farmers

Like fruits, vegetable tomatoes and also leafy vegetables okay leafy vegetables and also the greenhouse market is worldwide are growing year by year and we also have a very strong technical energy for this greenhouse technology.

And that’s why we started this development this project and at the beginning of the project we had a lot of ideas or the way we like to do as a development but we had to focus on a very one thing and we focus on disease prediction things that are the main topic of today I will explain or if it’s more.

So what it’s happening right now about disease things so the disease is not new to the crop and to the farmers and all the farmers very much aware of the disease dangers and also you know they are doing regular spring-like for example the farmers.

Who I know is they’re doing like spray once in two weeks and they like a program spray so every two weeks but still they have the damage from the disease even though they like the regular spring why it’s because they don’t know what’s the right timing the spring and that’s the problem so usually as written here I think left side when the farmers.

Realize when are you know this is happening is at the time of the outbreak of disease occurrence you know you could see physically you could see that this is happening on a leaf or on crops that’s where usually a farmer can realize that.

But the thing is that’s sort of little late too late because what we can do the rest what all you can do that at the outbreak timing it’s just the diseases by you know cute curable chemicals and also minimize the damages.

But the damage is already happening the best thing is, of course, is you want to do preventive chemical work at the timing of the infection but the challenge here so the difficulty is here think it’s infection and also the incubation is not visible from your eye.

Hugh from a human eye that’s why you know that what’s happening right now is that farmers do the regular spring which results in mostly like too many springs but still they have the disease that’s the problem right now.

Greenhouses And Prevent Diseases

So in order to tackle to solve this situation, we started development and we developed this solution code planted and it has two features shoulder introduced what is possible so one is the one feature is a visualization of the greenhouse environment and another feature is that this is prediction.

That’s what about and also this had several USPS and the most the biggest the uniqueness is that for mention that AI-based disease prediction infection prediction system that is one of the uniqueness quickly talks about the overview of how it works as a plant tech system over architecture is basically.

You know farmers have a census in the greenhouses which is by the way device is also quite nice this thing is totally wireless and it is very easy to use so the farmers have the devices and it connects to the cloud our own cloud via by a gateway and it has you know artificial intelligence in the Boche cloud and it communicates it gives them feedback to the farmers front end and these prediction farmers can observe from the front end.

So what is the basic mechanism of our disease prediction an algorithm this is one of the focus of today’s presentation so basically this is how it works so we have three kinds of data one is the environment of data of the individual greenhouses and another is an algorithmic data.

Like a plant density like a variety like a soil cultivation and those ironic data and last was weather forecasts and those are three key kinds of the data that we are using for our disease prediction algorithm and have used also an out one of the most known well-known disease no machine learning technology we are now having an Ibis disease prediction system.

And I think is you know theoretically approach traditional approach is also, of course, available that said that this is it’s not very new thing so you know there are lots of the past researches of the mechanism of the diseases so basically it’s trying to apply the theoretical modeling of the disease mechanism and how it happens the thing is our approach is a bit different we doing a machine learning.

A very high accuracy because we think that there is a huge complexity in biological mechanism actually happening in the field which is very difficult to capture by the physical model but it’s possible by the machine learning so actually we have very high 98% of the accuracy and also we do the field testing of the reproducibility and actually.

It shows like we had a two greenhouses the one slide we did the conventional farming and one side we do plant farming and the company two greenhouses we got a result that Morris like 25 percent degrees of the disease occurrence and at the same time that 25 percent of the chemical spraying reduction.

That’s one of the proof of the result proof of the I mean performance of the digits prediction so very shortly this was the short project introduction of the digit prediction of the plant act and so our plant act was developed basically aiming to reduce first of all the damage from the diseases at the same time in optimizing the chemical spraying in the world.

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