Characteristics of cloud computing Advantages and Disadvantages

characteristics of cloud computing

Hello, friends now we are going to see the characteristics of cloud computing high ability and reliability our ability of server is very high and it's more reliable.

Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

Because chance of infrastructure failure is minimal high scalability means on-demand provisioning of resources on a large scale means whenever user need a more server with a simple click they can increase the server and whenever they don't need they can decrease the server multi sharing with the bits of help of cloud computing multiple user and applications can do their work more efficiently.

And they can be lost they can cost less because they are sharing a common infrastructure device location independence means cloud computing immerse.

The user to access a system from the web browser regardless of their location and what kind of device they are using with the location independent user can access a particular software or any system from anywhere.

Because the infrastructure provided by the third party and user access via the internet.

So they can access from anywhere maintenance of cloud computing application is very easy.

Because users no need to access it from the particular local PC maintenance can be done by anywhere low cost by using cloud computing.

The cost will be reduced because of the IT company no need to set infrastructure on that own they just need to purchase particular software and infrastructure from the third party.

So it reduced the cost service in pay-per-use mode cloud computing provides the API's with this API is the user can use cloud services on the basis of this cloud core services user can pay only.

What they use the service can be charged as a monthly subscription yearly subscription or any kind of other applications.

Cloud computing

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Now we will discuss the advantage of cloud computing these are the following advantages

  • Cost-efficient
  • Unlimited storage
  • Easy access to information 
  • Backup and recovery 
  • Automatic software integration 
  • Quick deployment

The first one is cost-efficient this is the biggest advantage of cloud computing in terms of use maintain and upgrade because we don't need to invest a huge amount of money for purchasing.

So fares hardware and licensing services and we don't need high power of computer so cost-efficient is achieved by elimination of all the investment now the second is almost unlimited storage.

We know that on cloud we can store so much of data lots of data as compared to the stories on the PC because on PC we have a limitations we have a fixed size of frame roam but on cloud, we can restore so much of data now the next is easy access of information when we registered on cloud after that we can access information from anywhere anytime.

But the condition is we need an internet connection now the next is backup and recovery we know that all data is stored on the cloud.

So again backup and recovery or restoring this again easy on the cloud as compared to store the data on any physical devices.

So it is very easy on the cloud now the next is automatic software integration means all things done automatically without any user intervention and we can customize our applications our software according to our requirements or according to our preferences.

So this is the automatic software integration and the last is quick deployment intersystem can be fully functional in a few minutes without any security issues or any serious issues because we have already all these things are done on the cloud already means we have multiple software.

We have all types of services on cloud already so we have tech only some services and directly deploy de services so quick deployment it is very easy on the cloud so these are the advantages of cloud computing.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

We all know that each coin has two sides, in the same manner, everything has some advantages and disadvantages.

So we discussed the advantages of cloud computing now we are going to see the disadvantages of cloud computing these are following disadvantages

  • Internet connection security concerns no control over resources depends on cloud providers.
  • Interoperability now the first one is internet connection if internet connection is poor or lost then link related to cloud computing will be lost.
  • Internet connection is very necessary for accessing applications and services of the cloud.

Security concern security is a major issue because the entire working of data and storage of data depends on the cloud providers they are stored on the cloud.

So providers can access data so this is the major issue security concern.

Now the next is no control or resources we all know that cloud computing provides scalability means is scaled up and down the resources.

But it does not permit the control on the resources suppose if we need 10 resources for application and a provider has no such type of resources then this is the problem now the next is depends on cloud providers everything depends on the provider's application services all are depends on the provider.

So in some cases, Hills faces some type of problems or some type of restrictions on the availability of the resources and the NA next is interoperability means the ability of two or more applications.

Which are required for the business so this is the major issue because everything depends on the providers and such necessary applications are not reside with a single provider?

But if two or more providers have such types of applications but they do not cooperate with each other so without any cooperation, this is the problem so this is the interoperability now these are the disadvantages of cloud computing.

Conclusion: I hope you understand the Characteristics of cloud computing Advantages and Disadvantages thank you 
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