Basics Information of Hardware and Software Difference Between

Basics of Hardware and Software

Basics of Hardware and Software

The basics of progress and then give some information about a computer software basis let's get started first basics of hardware refers to the physical component of a computer monitor keyboard you are the three major parts of the computer here CPU is the main component of the computer.

It is divided into three major parts between in the last lesson that is controlling arithmetic logic unit and memory unit so what is the function of controlling this in it controls the operations of all parts of the computer it obtains the instructions from the memory interpret them and directs the operation of the computer controlling it converts the users input that is received from a keyboard or mouse or any other input device.


And convert them into signals and then send back to them to the ALU unit that is arithmetic logic unit control unit uses Clack inputs to maintain the sequence of the data this speed is the frequency of the data processing and is measuring negative so let us know some basic information about a diplomatic logic in this is the part of the CPU system that carries out arithmetic and logic operations Annelle you perform basic arithmetic

Examples of arithmetic operations are addition subtraction multiplication and division it also performs logical operations like comparisons of values such as math and error all information in a computer is stored in the binary form that is 0 and 1 next we see about memory unit the memory unit stores the data instructions and sends the information to all other units of the computer whenever it means it is also known as primary memory or random access memory all input and output are transmitted through main memory so there are two kinds of memory as we have seen that is one is primary memory and secondary memory

First of all you will see what is primary memory that is what is RAM memory memories select any part of memory when user want to save the data in memory but that may not be stored permanently on that location secondary memory is external and permanent memory that is useful to store the external storage media such as DVD Drive hard disk memory cards memory sticks like pen drive and secondary memory mostly deals with the following types of components a read-only memory read 1 remembering a permanent memory location that offers huge types of standards to save data.

But it works with we have the only operation no data loss happens whenever power failure cues during the room memory working completed raw memory have several models such names the following Chrome that is programmable read-only memory which can be read as many times as you want but cannot be modified the data next is EEPROM.

That is the erasable programmable read-only memory but it has to be passed through ultraviolet light to get erase the data so it is not in use now next is e from electrically erasable programmable read-only memory similar to the apron but it uses electrical beam for areas the data next we will see some basic information on what are the software refers to the instruction that makes the computer to work the software should be stored in the secondary memory device and loaded to the primary memory.

As and when needed broadly we will classify software into two types systems of the and applications often the system software consists of low-level programs that interact with the computer at very basic level examples of system software are operating systems compilers and utilities for managing computer resources like printer software can a software it's some of the major operating systems to use to worldwide our Windows operating system.

Mac operating system by Apple and Linux OS which is free to use the application software consists of programs that are required for a user so systems software whole stone the application software see here the application software is also called in user program examples are like Microsoft Office.

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