Do You Use Mobile At Night, Then You Must Know This

If You Use Mobile A Night

Most people are those who use the mobile most at night. But very few people know how harmful it can be. This habit has a very bad effect on our eyes and mind. In today's article, we are going to tell you about how harmful it is to drive mobile in the dark of night.

If we run mobile in the dark for 30 minutes every day. So this makes our eyes dry. Our retina is severely affected due to dry eyes.

Keeping this habit for a long time can reduce our eyesight. Using a smartphone in the dark affects not only your eyes but many parts of your body. If we use mobile while sleeping at night. So because of this, our sleep is affected, which causes fatigue and irritability throughout the day.

What will happen if you use a mobile at night

  • You will start getting strains and dark circles.
  • you start sleeping less and the quality of your sleep will
  • also get affected.
  • In the long run, your eyesight will get damage. Your parents start doubting you (like you have a girlfriend etc).
  • You will feel tired when you woke up.
  • Late-night use of mobile may increase the chances of a brain tumor. 
  • So if you use a mobile phone till late at night, then you are inviting a brain tumor, so you should not turn off the light while sleeping at night and run the mobile in the dark. 
  • Use mobile phones during the day as much as possible, use them in the office, but using mobile phones at night can be very deadly.

I recommend using dark mode in your mobile scroll down your notification bar you will see a blue light click on it and use mobile it is safe for your eyes.

Otherwise some mobile phones not available you can download the app for free from google play store blue light filter.

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