Xiaomi Mi 9T price in India - specifications and launch date

Xiaomi Mi 9T price in India - specifications and launch date

Xiaomi Mi 9T price in India


Xiaomi Mi 9T price in India, Xiaomi has now launched its Xiaomi MI 9T smartphone after gaining headlines for a long time. This smartphone was first launched in the European market.

This smartphone is a reprinted version of the Redmi K20. As was previously discussed, which was launched last month in China. And now it will be launched soon in India.

If we talk about the design and specifications of Xiaomi Mi 9T, then we will tell you that this latest version of Xiaomi MI 9T is completely like Redmi K20.

Xiaomi has launched Xiaomi Mi 9T at the initial price of 329 euro. Xiaomi Mi 9T's RAM and storage variant, MIGHT Xiaomi Mi 9T, has been introduced in the RAM and storage variants.

Xiaomi Mi 9T price

The base model of this phone is offered Xiaomi Mi 9T, with 6GB RAM and 64GB of storage. The price of this smartphone has been kept at just 329 euro which is approximately Rs 25,800.

While the second variant of the phone has been introduced with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage. And the price of this model is 369, which is Indian price of Rs 29,999.

Xiaomi Mi 9T specification

Xiaomi Mi 9T specifications, Xiaomi Mi 9T has 6.39-inch HD + specially AMOLED display. Also, Gorilla Glass 5 has been supported on its front and rear panels. Which is the most different and very special. In addition, NFC has also been supported in this smartphone so that payment can be made comfortable and secure.

For the sake of photography, this smartphone has an AI Triple camera setup in the rear. It has 48MP Sony IMX582 sensor + 8MP sensor + 13MP sensor. That which till date we have not seen in any mobile together.

However the Sony IMX586 sensor was used in Redmi K20. On the front there is a 20MP pop-up selfie camera for selfies.

The hardware of  Xiaomi Mi 9T, if you talk about this model's hardware, then the Snapdragon 730 processor has been given in Xiaomi Mi 9T. And this processor has not been given in any mobile of the world.

That's why this mobile is so much appreciated. And its battery is 4000mAh and in the Xiaomi Mi 9T, Xiaomi has also given a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Type-C charging port so that we can charge our mobile phones as soon as possible.

Launch in India, if we talk about launching this smartphone in India, then we will tell you that this new model of Xiaomi Mi 9T will not be launched in India, while the Redmi K20 will be launched in India. It has also been officially ratified by the company.

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