The list of smartphones spreading radiation, number 1 is the number one company of this phone

 Smartphones spreading radiation


Smartphones spreading radiation, Germany's Central Office of Radiation Protocol recently revealed a report. According to this disclosure, China's smart phone maker Xiaomi and 1 Plus smartphones have the highest radiation-spanning mobile phones. Talk on the basis of data, then you have created a list of the least and least recorded mobile phones. According to this list, the redmi is more than the standard of 100m and oneplus 5t.

Harmful Radiation from smartphones

Let the friends know that the harmful rays coming from mobile phones are called specific absorption rates. Which is measured in the unit of kilogram. The mobile phone that is coming out in India, the limit of s a r is 1 point 60 watts per kg, while Xiaomi mi A1 comes such a man 1 point 75 watt per kilo. The same onePlus 5T is 1 point 62 watt per kilogram.


The list of the 16 most mobile phones in the Statistana list include mobile manufacturers like Shawmi OnePlus HDC Google Apple ZTE and Gold. Talk about top five in this list, 2 smartphones come with shawomes and 1 plus.

Ideas can be taken for such radiation

Friends, you can also forgive the radiation emanating from your mobile phone. For which you have to dial * # 07 # this code from your smartphone After dialing this court, all kinds of information related to radiation will start appearing on your mobile screen. Let us know for information, that if your smartphone's radiation is more than 1 point 6 watts per kilogram, then you should immediately change your mobile.

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