Airtel, completely failed before JIO, know what is the reason behind it!

Airtel, completely failed before JIO, know what is the reason behind it!

Airtel vs Reliance jio


Airtel Reliance jio, jio has been in the telecom market two years ago, since then jio has kept the attention of every customer's customer in mind. Reliance jio Company offers all kinds of offers and plans for its customers. Because of Geo's affordable offers, all the customers of Geo are seen praising Geo. It is also ironical that before the arrival of Geo, heavy companies were charged for data and calling by the rest of the companies.

Since its launch, Reliance jio has done quite a lot, but now the company has achieved another major milestone or yahoo. Within about four years of coming into the market, the company has defeated Airtel. Bharti Airtel has left behind Jio in the case of user base. Live is constantly working to increase the number of subscribers under which many cheap plans are being offered in the Indian market.

Reliance jio users

Currently 30.6 million users are now Jio. Vodafone-Idea became the biggest telecom company after the merger. After this, Jio is now number. Airtel has 284 million subscribers Vodafone-Idea had announced 38.7 million subscribers in December 2018.

Airtel failed

Airtel has been at the top of the industry for a long time. This decline is a major concern for Airtel after such a move. By the middle of last year, Airtel had maintained its lead on the market. Airtel's location was snatched after the merger of Vodafone-Idea.  

The rise in Reliance jio rapid growth is a matter of concern as well as being competitive for the entire industry. The question is that after a period of time there should be no such thing that users do not have the option of selection as they establish their dominance over the Reliance jio industry. It is believed that Geo can push the number of users further by increasing the number of users.

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