Top 5 useful gadgets that will be very popular in the future

Top 5 useful gadgets in the future

Gadgets, Technology keeps on evolving every day. It is very difficult to imagine what we will see news gadgets after 10 years in the near future.

As the world is changing people are getting used to using new gadgets every day. Today we will have a look at 5 Gadgets devices that will become very popular in the near future. Let’s get started.

1. Magnetic Power Switch

Magnetic power switch
Magnetic power switch

Have you ever faced the problem where you don’t remember where you have kept your car/house keys. The solution is right here. When I saw this device I was wondering how did no one think of this before?

The Magnetic power switch as a key-holder without the need to drill hooks into your walls and since you always use switches to turn on/off your other devices in the room your keys will never be out of sight so you will always remember where you have kept your keys.

2. Solar Plant-Health Sensor

Solar plant health sensor
Solar plant health sensor

In a country where agriculture is an important sector this kind of device can be a big game changer. This solar-powered sensor checks the levels of nutrients in the ground, humidity and water, and then synchronizes with your smartphone, letting you know what your herbs, flowers, and other plants need.

This might be a smart investment for farmers who can take care of their crops by foreseeing dangerous conditions that can destroy their crops.

3. Aerodynamic Umbrella

Aerodynamic Umbrella
Aerodynamic umbrella

In India the rainy season often brings in floods. People definitely need something more than a normal umbrella to keep them dry.

This umbrella is a perfect solution to that problem. The aerodynamic design of this umbrella can withstand winds of up to 100 km/h (or 60 mph), keeping you dry and not buckling under strong winds.

Also the surface area of the umbrella is perfectly designed to ensure not a drop of rain will touch your body as long as you have this umbrella in your hand. I’m definitely getting one.

4. Solar-Charging Backpack

Solar charging backpack
Solar charging backpack

Most of the modern gadgets we carry today run on portable battery. So having a portable backpack that can charge these devices will definitely make more sale than a charger.

The Samsonite Solar Business Laptop Backpack will charge your phone, laptop and basically anything that requires electricity with the power of the sun.

5. 360° Power Socket

360° power socket

Tired of adding power sockets into your switch board to connect more devices in your room? Well the solution is right here.

This brilliant redesign of the conventional power socket lets you hook up several plugs into a single regular sized socket. This will definitely replace your regular power sockets in the future.

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