TRAI increases the date for channel selection till March 31, offer to Best Fit plan

TRAI increases the date for channel selection till March 31, offer to Best Fit plan

TRAI increase the date for channels 


TRAI, Given the growing problems of DTH and cable consumers, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has extended the deadline for selecting channels under the new rules to March 31.

The regulator has issued instructions to service providers not to black out customers' channels. Also, one has to be given a choice of such a plan, which is available in the best and limited amount.

TRAI has said that keeping in mind the public interest, service providers and cable operators have been instructed to continue the packs taken by customers. Also, the Best Fit Plan (BFP) has been prepared and presented before the customers, the service provider which has not provided this option must present it to the customers. To offer that option, the date of channel selection has been increased to 31 March.

By selecting the BFP option provided by the customer service provider, it has an option of also including other channels. When a customer selects BFP, the service providers must complete the change of action within 72 hours. TRAI's order will give great relief to the audience watching TV. Especially those people who were completely ignorant of the new rules and were suddenly blacked out by the service provider.


Broadcast rules by TRAI were implemented from 1st February. By this time only 65 percent of cable subscribers had chosen their channels. While 35 percent of DTH customers were selected by pack or channel. In view of which TRAI was getting complaints of constant trouble to people, after which in the meeting it was decided to increase the date till 31 March by meeting the service providers on Monday, February 11.

In addition, it also issued an order to provide the option of the best pack. Remember that TRAI recently issued a release saying that the service providers can discount customers on one location or the second or multiple connections of the house. There is no restriction on this. The service provider was asked to put this information on his website.

Significantly, TRAI has also released helpline for DTH and cable TV consumers. On any type of problem, consumers can get help by calling 011-23237922 and 011-23220209.

Conclusion :
Select quickly the channels, TRAI increase comment below what you choose the channel?

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