10 useful websites for you to make your life better

10 useful websites for you to make your life better

Useful websites


In this article we will show you 10 useful Websites that some of you may already know. Along with sites that you knew about earlier and we are getting started right now.

1. Mailinator

Many of you familiar with 10 minute mail Mailinator is another solution to the spam problem or for a temporary email address. So when signing up for a site that requires an email address just use this instead of your normal email it is real simple you just enter in a prefix at mailinator.com for example type alpha beta and then select go now you will see it is set up as alphabeta @mailinator.

Now go back to the other site that is requiring an email address from you and give them your new Mailinator email now all emails from that site will show up here all emails get automatically deleted after several hours.

visit : Mailnator

2. Picmonkey

Picmonkey sometimes you just want to quickly edit a photo without having to learn a complicated image editing program like Photoshop. Picmonkey makes it real simple select edit a photo to select an image from your computer select open and then select computer you also have the options for my hub and Facebook and if you have templates on here.

There is a ton of editing options here in the left pane. To be able to save with pick mafia does require a Facebook account or you can create your own account this is where Mailinator might come in handy for you. They do offer a premium version with plans starting at 399 per month but the free version will work well for most.

visit : Picmonkey

3. WSGF (widescreen gaming forum)

WSGF for those of you with widescreen 4K or multiple monitors this site can make your gaming experience on PC even better you can find your game from the game’s database listed in alphabetical order so you can see if that game is supported.

Monitor and this site can also offer fixes or workarounds to get your game working perfectly on your gaming monitor it also gets metals in various categories in various categories based on the level of support so for grand theft auto 5 is the gold medal for widescreen support gold for multi monitor.

If you are a PC gamer this is the site you should bookmark for help with your gaming monitor.

Visit : WSGF

4. Codecademy

If you are straight out learning how to code Codecademy is great for learning the basic concepts they offer several courses including Javascript python and even ruby to start a course simply choose that one you wish to be told it'll provide you with interactive step by step directions.

Visit : Codeacademy

5. Keepa

Keepa is lot more useful for price tracking on Amazon you can select deals it will find you some of the biggest discounts on Amazon right now.

The search function is also useful for finding the products on the amazon and discounts along with that you can easily compare the prices from last couple of months of the same product isn’t it useful go check this out.

Visit : Keepa

6. Alternativeto

This site is extremely useful when looking for alternatives of software here is how it works you just have to put in the name of the program and it will give you the list of the software along with the alternatives. So definitely check out this site for alternativeto popular software you just might find something better than what you are currently using.

Visit : Alternativeto

7. Printfriendly

We have all been on the website and have wanted to print out an article or tutorial but most of the time the ads and pictures make the printout a mess this site makes.

the pronounced more printer friendly first you want to select a URL that you want to print out.

Visit : Printfriendly

8. Isthereanydeal

If you are a PC gamer and want to get the best price on games you should definitely checkout is there any deal. The home page will show you some bundle specials along with some other deals on games or you can do a search for the game that you want. So check out is there any deals to make sure you get the best deal.

Visit : Isthereanydeal

9. Thenewboston

The site was created by Bucky Roberts and has thousands of videos and tutorials and by full time gig is a computer programmer we referred back to the site at least a hundred times when learning a new coding language they have tutorials on just about every computer science topic best of all they are all free they have since expended to more than just computer science tutorials. If you are programmer you know about this site already or you need to bookmark this site now.

Visit :Thenewboston

10. Openlibrary

Here is the another great website from the folks at the internet archive open library offers more than 2,50,000 free ebooks that can be borrowed in either PDF or online form best of all it is all completely legal. So next time you are looking for a book to read check out open library.

Visit : Openlibrary

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