What is autoexec.bat and config.sys examples

What is autoexec.bat and config.sys examples


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AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS square measure configuration files that DOS mechanically runs whenever you switch on or resuscitate your laptop. These files confirm what programs square measure mechanically started, wherever DOS appearance for programs, however your computer’s memory is managed, and the way a lot of your computer’s resources square measure reserved to be used by totally different DOS functions.

CONFIG.SYS primarily masses device drivers, programs that management your hardware and memory.

AUTOEXEC.BAT is principally wont to offer directions regarding however you would like to act with DOS.

At prompt (c:\) use the commands sort autoexec.bat or sort config.sys to show the contents of those files in your system.

The statements in these files are often majuscule, lower case, or a mix of each.


AUTOEXEC stands for mechanically EXECute. The lines in AUTOEXEC.BAT square measure commands that would be entered at the DOS prompt. Since this could take a protracted time, DOs puts all of the commands you wish once you start your laptop in AUTOEXEC.BAT
When you activate or resuscitate your laptop, DOs appearance for AUTOEXEC.BAT and executes all the lines in it in sequence.

AUTOEXEC.BAT configures the DOS setting, together with the means DOS displays data on the screen and wherever Dos appearance for commands you enter at the Dos prompt. you'll additionally embody commands to mechanically run programs, however these commands have to be compelled to be place at the tip of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

 As an example, if you would like to mechanically enter your PAYSAL package once you stimulus your laptop, you'll add the road PAYSAL to the tip of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Some of the common commands that square measure employed in AUTOEXEC.BAT file square measure

ECHO OFF-Tells DOS to not show the remainder of the commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT on the monitor. The commands still execute, however DOS keeps quiet regarding it.

PATH-Tells DOS wherever to appear for the commands you sort in at the DOs prompt. once you enter one thing at the DOS prompt, DOS can search the directories within the PATH till it finds the program you written in. If DOS can’t realize the program within the PATH or within the directory you’re presently in, it tells you "Bad command or file name." A punctuation separates every directory within the PATH statement.

PROMPT - Tells DOS what you would like your prompt to appear like. as an example, the road PROMPT instructs DOS to show the present directory as a part of the prompt.

The sample Autoexec.bat file as shown below, for every line scan the comments within the
file Autoexec.bat in C:\ directory


 A number of the common commands that square measure employed in CONFIG.SYS file square measure.

FILES = N This line specifies what percentage files are often opened at an equivalent time.
BUFFER =M Buffers square measure temporary holding areas for data you’re moving to and  from a disk, be it a tough drive or disc.
SHELL - The SHELL statement tells DOS wherever to appear for COMMAND.COM, the most  DOS program file, and the way a lot of memory to line aside for DOS to use once execution commands.

Example of CONFIG.SYS file is

FILES=40  -  Allow forty files to be opened directly.
BUFFERS=30 - Set aside thirty buffers for disk scan and write operations.
DEVICE-C:\DOSIHIMEM.SYS - Use HIMEM.SYS to manage extended memory.
DOS-HIGH, UMB - Load DOS into high memory

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