What is DOS - Operating system | Present OS features

Operating system

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Operating system

We know that a computer is an electro mechanical machine that accepts, stores and processes the data and produces the output as per the instructions issued to it.

Assume a situation in which a brand new computer was assembled and directly connected to power plug and switched on without installing any software using CDs. Will it perform like the computer in which an operating system was already installed? If you check it you would normally say No. Why is it so? Your brand new computer without an operating system is as useful as a cup of coffee without the cup.

To work with a brand new computer one should install some software. The minimum software that should be installed with a brand new computer is an operating system.

Operating system
An operating system (OS) is the most important  that runs on a computer. It manages the computer's memory, processes, and all of its software and hardware It also allows you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer's "language".

Hence without an operating system, a computer is useless.

You might have heard the word booting. But do you know what is the meaning of booting? Booting is the process that occurs when you press the power button to turn your computer on. During this process (which may take a minute or two), the computer does the following things :

It runs tests to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • It checks for new hardware
  • It then start up the operation system
  1. Managing the software and hardware on the computer.
  2. Allowing to share the computer resources like CPU, Memory, Peripherals, Files and storage (Hard disk, CD, Pen drive. .. etc.) by various programs running by various users
  3. Allowing users to interact with the computer.
  4. Allowing the software to talk to the hardware.
  5. Allowing your computer to communicate with other computers in a Local Area Networker on the internet.

If no operating system exists within a computer, then the computer would be useless.
Hence to conclude.
An operating system (OS) needed.
  • To allow input and output operations.
  • To act as mediator between programs and the computer hardware.
  • To allow users to communicate with their own computer and with other computers servers. Located somewhere else.
  • To control the activities of various resources like memory, CPU, storage devices, files and users.
  • To allow various processes of users to share the information and hardware.

That is reason why operating system needed  for almost any device that contains a computer ranging from cellular phones, video game consoles, desktops, laptops to super computers and web and servers.

Present Operating system and features

DOS : Disk operating system. It is a command based single user operating system. It is the base for all Windows OS.
Windows 8 : Latest Microsoft Windows Version.
Windows 7 : Most User-friendly and proven Microsoft's OS.
Windows vista : Like Windows 7, Vista was also familiar to Windows users
Fedora : Supports tons of tools, Multiuser Unix based Open source OS
Ubuntu : User-friendly and has countless programs, application and customization options and Unix based open source Os.
Mac OSx : User friendly its design.
Linux Mint : Unix Based fast and reliable OS.
Debian : Stable operating systems.
OpenSuse : KDE based system and Open Source OS.
ArchLinux : For experienced Linux users.
Puppy Linux : Linux based, lightweight suitable for older machines.
Android, Wndows-Phone, iOS, BSD, QNX, IBM, z/OS : All these operating systems are suitable for mobiles

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