What is binary number system in computers | what is the purpose of computers

What is binary number system in computers | what is the purpose of computers

Binary number system

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Binary number system

Computers square measure created from ICs. ICs contain several transistors. every semiconductor are within the states ON or OFF. All information is portrayed with the assistance of transistors ON and OFF states. All calculations during a exceedingly in a very laptop square measure supported several transistors that square measure either in an ON position, or associate degree OFF position. Binary numbers conjointly use 2 digits zero and one solely. zero is portrayed by OFF state of {transistor junction semiconductor electronic transistor semiconductor device semiconductor unit semiconductor and one is portrayed by ON state of transistor.

When a personality is entered through keyboard, it's hold on by a computer memory unit (Eight Bits) in American Standard Code for Information Interchange format. American Standard Code for Information Interchange worth of A is sixty five i.e. the worth of sixty five is 01000001. These eight digits, or one computer memory unit, square measure well-known to the pc because the letter "A". equally any information is hold on computers mistreatment solely Os and 1s. fashionable computers perform all arithmetic s operations in positional representation system solely.

Modern computers can have billions of transistors, i.e. a thousand million transistors with solely sixteen transistors we are able to represent two = 65536 symbols, imagine what percentage symbols and operators is portrayed with a billion of transistors.

Binary numbers

Normally kinsmen can perform arithmetic in decimal number representation system with base ten (i.e. mistreatment symbols (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). however no matter you've got entered to the pc which will be translated into binary kind and therefore the calculations are worn out binary kind and eventually the result are showed the user in decimal kind by mistreatment appropriate converters.

The data hold on in storage device devices like laborious Disks, CDs and DVDs conjointly are in binary kind.

Using Binary numbers system solely the sizes of the memory devices are measured in terms of KB (Kilo bytes = two Bytes, Mega Bytes MB -2 Bytes, GB =Giga computer memory unit = two computer memory unit, TB - two Bytes then on.

The downloading and uploading speed is also measured in terms of power of two. Like kbps210 bits per second. = two bits per second.

The hardware electronic equipment to perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and every one alternative logical operations square measure designed mistreatment Boolean algebra i.e. the ultimate output of any mathematician circuit could be a zero or one.

Hence to store, to calculate and to live or to try and download or transfer information and to do any operation mistreatment laptop binary number representation system is needed.

Analog Computers :

A laptop machine that operates on information within the type of endlessly variable physical quantities is thought as data processor. These computers don't deal directly with the numbers. They live continuous physical magnitudes (e.g. temperature, pressure and voltage), that square measure analogous to the numbers into account.

Analog computers square measure used for scientific and engineering functions.
For example, the hydrocarbon pump could have associate degree data processor that converts the flow of pumped up hydrocarbon into 2 measurements amount the number the amount of hydrocarbon and therefore the worth of that quantity.

characteristics of Analog computers square measure
They give approximate results since they manage quantities that modify endlessly.

They square measure in no time operating as all the calculations are worn out 'parallel mode'.
It is terribly simple to induce graphical results directly mistreatment data processor.
The accuracy of analog computers is a smaller amount.

Example : Automobile, speed indicator.

Digital Computers : 

A laptop that operates on numerical or digital information is thought as electronic computer. Such computers method information (including text, sound, graphics and video) into a digital worth (in Os and Is).

In digital computers, analog quantities should be reborn into digital amount before process. during this case, the output will be digital. If analog output is
desired, the digital output must be reborn into analog amount. The elements, that perform these conversions, square measure the essential components or peripherals of the electronic computer.

Digital computers will provide the results with additional accuracy and at a quicker e. The accuracy of such computers is proscribed solely by the scale of their registers and memory. The desktop laptop, Laptop, Notebook, and Palmtop square measure samples of electronic computer.

Hybrid computers :

computer that processes each analog and digital information. Hybrid laptop incorporated the mensuration feature of associate degree data processor and enumeration feature of a electronic computer. For machine functions, these computers use the analog elements and for the storage of intermediate results, digital recollections square measure used.

To bind the powers of analog and digital techniques, that is, analog to digital and digital to analog, the hybrid computers comprehensively use converters. Such computers square measure loosely employed in scientific applications, varied fields of engineering and industrial management processes.

Clarification purpose of computers

According to purpose, the pc square measure classified into 2 classes :
  1. General purpose Computers.
  2. Special purpose Computers.

General computers

A 'General Purpose Computer' could be a machine that's capable of closing some general processing beneath program management.

These computers follow directions, so just about all computers from small to .mainframe square measure general purpose. These machines is used for varied applications, starting from scientific to business-purpose applications. despite the fact that such computers are versatile, they often lack in speed and potency. The computers employed in colleges and houses square measure all-purpose computers. Even computers in toys, games and single-function devices follow directions in their inherent program.

Special purpose Computers :

A laptop that's designed to handle a selected drawback or to perform one specific task. a group of structions for the particular task is constructed into the machine. Hence, they can not be used for alternative applications unless their circuits square measure redesigned, that is, they lack skilfulness.

However, being designed for specific tasks, they'll offer the result terribly quickly and expeditiously. These computers square measure employed in things like airline reservations, satellite chase and traffic management, meteorology, to get patient diagnostic info etc.

I hope you my dear friends we are understand comment below Binary of numbers and purpose of computers.

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